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POD X3 Bean through PA?


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Hello people!


Long story short ive gotta get through about 2 or 3 function band practices without my amp. I have a POD X3 bean for recording.


Although I don't have the shortboard pedal to switch about sounds I can easily reach over as its just practice - but how do I rig up my POD X3 bean to the rehearsal studio's PA system?


Thanks guys.



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If there is stereo input channel on the mixer run your left and right outputs to the input here. You might need a splitter cable for that. If you dont' have a stereo channel then use the left XLR output for the bean to a input on the mixer. Turn the mix all the way up on the POD and the gain on the mixer for that channel down real low. You might have to back off the POD output a bit because it output line level so it will be a hot signal.  If you have two available channels on the mixer you can run the left to one input and the right to another then pan each those channels to the hard left or right for stereo signal on mixer for Stereo sound. While monitoring off a mixer can be a pain, I think the POD units actually sound best setup this way.


Make sure to set the POD for studio direct mode.

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