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Accessing new Amplifi App "Banks" w/ FBV shortboard Mk2 Foot Controller

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Now that the Amplifi App offers 25 "Banks" of 4 presets … I was wondering if anyone could confirm if the FBV Shortboard MkII Pedal allows you to scroll thru / access the multiple Banks?…. I currently have the MkII Mini but there is no Bank selection footswitch so I have no access to the newly provided Banks via the amp or pedal and can only access these banks by pressing a selection on the app (iPad or iPhone) itself, which is not the best option for playing live… Long story short … Trying to figure out the best way to be able to access all Banks on the Amplifi 150 / Amplifi App via a foot-controller … (or if these banks can be accessed by any combination of buttons being pressed on the Amp itself?)


Thanks for any direction,


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It's working on mine - you use the up and down arrow buttons to scroll to the bank (1-25) and then use the A-D buttons to select the specific tone. It works fairly well and I have gotten good at remembering which bank is which sound type.


And the iOS app seems to do a decent job of catching up and showing the updates on the fly. The only time where things get un-organized is when I turn off the iPad and turn it back on again. The pedal still works great, but the iPad refuses to reload (says downloading on the screen) all but the first few banks. I sometimes have to quit the app and restart.


But the pedalboard is great. The only button that I can find that doesn't have an application is the Function 2 button.





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Ditto...  I just bought my FBV and it works like a champ.  I even am using my own RJ-45 cable, which is shorter.  I think the board and the iOS device complement each other nicely. 

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