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Connecting stomboxes to Pod HD500


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Hi everyone


I need some help in regards to connecting stomboxes to my POD HD500.


My setup is a Line 6 POD HD500 connected to Line 6 Spider 75 amp.


I want to connect stompboxes to my setup, is it possible to combine my stompboxes which is a Boss DD3 Delay, Mega Distortion and a Flanger?




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Of course. How you set it up will depend on what order you want your effects in.

You can have pedals before, in the loop, or after the HD500, so you could go as complicated as:

Guitar > Mega Distortion > HD500 in > internal FX > HD500 loop out > Flanger > HD500 loop in > more internal FX > HD500 out > DD3 > Amp

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So can we placee the stomp boxes any where in the signal chain?


I have a cry baby wah and blackstar ht dist pedal, so I am able to place the wah in the beginning of the chain and the dist pedal after or before the noise gate and/or pod's screamer, is it right




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