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HD pro edit


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hi all - I'm new to the pro edit software. nice idea - but seriously limited. Unless of course I'm missing something.


here is a list of things i thought i should be able to do.


increase the size of the app screen! its too small on my laptop. the type is barely readable.


save favourite pedals for recall into new presets. (surely there must be a way of saving your fave chorus set up etc etc)


terrible crunch sound when recalling set ups.


global set up parameters. like i would like to have the DT amps always on left and right and always channel a. seems to be locked in to the effects recall.


if anyone knows how to do these then let me know. Basically it has so much potential but seems like its well over due an update



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2-You can only do this by setting up another preset with those things in it and start your patch there.

3-Make sure your output is set correctly. Sounds like it's not set to STUDIO

4-Are you playing through a Line 6 DT amp? If you are, step 3 may not apply.

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I gotta agree about the EDIT size and it applies to most plugins GUIs just hard to read. Will check out magnifier!


The POD HDs came out end of 2010, it has had some tweaks in the flashware but it is rare to see a Line6er here.


I personally pretty well know my fav FX setups sweet spots but like to tweak on the fly to always get the most from an FX

As explained already you save a patch or two with your fave FX setups and once done rename it in a "new tone" slot.


Downloading and trying tones from Custom tone is a goodway to get someone else's angle on things and can open up an otherwise never knew result. Some aren't good and you got to be ruthless with what you keep.

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