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Headset or lavalier and belt pack purchase

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Is it possible to purchase just a belt pack and either headset or lavalier without the reciever? I already have two v75 handhelds with receivers but need a hands free option as well. I don't wish to spend on a full system package if I don't need to. I have contacted a couple of UK distributors and they only have full package options available.

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Yes. I bought a handheld TX on its own from GAK last month; they also do beltpacks. I'm sure Line6 have a web shop too that you can order individual parts from. I've seen them available from other dealers too so it's not uncommon.

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Goto: -> PA -> Wireless Equipment -> Single Components for Wireless systems -> Components for Line6 wireless systems


You should find Line6 Lavalier M4-T and the Headset HS70T.


As an alternative some guys here recommend headsets: 'Shure 4-pin TQG (e.g WCM16)' or 'Countryman E6 with Shure 4-pin TQG'

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