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I've been playing Fender Strats as my only electrics for years.

Recently got a JTV59 with the stoptail bridge.

I'm getting some buzzing on the low end strings so want to raise the bridge a little but I'm unsure what to do.

It looks like just a matter of sticking an allen wrench in there and guessing on a direction to turn, but then I noticed what looks like it might be  a set-screw at the back of the tailpiece.

Just feeling unsure of myself - any advice or should I just take it in for a full setup?

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1) On the JTV-59 Bridge, Loosen the small Allen "set-screw at the back of the tailpiece" first 


2) Raise the bridge by inserting the correct larger size Allen wrench into the top of the bass side bridge post 


3) After the action is set the way you like, re-tighten the small Allen screw from step #1 

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