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POD Studio GX to POD UX2 - Upgrading

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Can anyone tell me if upgrading from a POD Studio GX to POD UX2 can be achieved with the minimum of hassle?  I've created a shed load of Metal patches on the GX, and have also bought and installed the "Metal Pack", so I really don't want to lose any of of those.


Will I have to de-licence the GX?  Also .... does anyone use the POD UX2 in a "Live" setting?


Lots of questions I know, but I would be grateful for help with any of them.


Thanks in advance,



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Upgrading should be quite simple. All you tines will lod on the UX2.

If it is a new POD Studio UX2 you will gewt POD Farm 2.5x (Stand Alone and Plug-In) and FX Junkie Model Pack (tied to the UX2).

You can authorize you Metal Pack on up to 4 devices simultaneously, so no issues there.

You do not have to de-authorize the GX, but you should if you plan on selling it.


I have never used the UX2 live (I currently do not gig).

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If you already have POD Farm 2.5x with your GX, you would just open them in POD Farm like you have been doing.


If you only have POD Farm 1.12, then you will get POD Farm 2.5x with a new UX2 and new folders when you install POD Farm 2.5.


My guess is you already have POD Farm 2.5?


Either way the tone files reside on your computer, so you can copy paste them anywhere you want, and/or navigate to any folder within POD Farm.

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