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HD500 Looper stopped working correctly

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My looper on my HD500 has stopped working correctly. I think it is since last update.


Example of what happens -

Using variax set to 12 string. Record loop in post

Change to distorted to play over loop

Sound changes in loop it appears to change to normal acoustic guitat

Some patches do not change sound of loop

Brand new patch changes sound of loop


This makes the looper pretty useless and I use it frequently in my band. I do have another looper to use, but great inconvenience as the FX loops is used as volume boost and I would have to chage all my patches to suit


I have tried changing to pre once loop started to see what happens and it adds effects of new patch selected.


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Are you sure you have the looper in post position.

The pic in the display shows what it will be when you push the button and not the mode it is in.

I understand that you have though of that before, but i fell for it several times in the heat of having fun.

If this is not it the only thing I can think of is a broken foot switch.

Good luck.

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