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POD HD Desktop + Powerblock HF dampening?


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My HD Bean/Crate powerblock amp in/Celestion V30 openback cab.  I think we all know by now that the cab sims on the powerblock are not in when using the back jacks as confirmed by Crate staff. (was a misprint).


Every thing sounds very top end dampened and closed 4 blankets over. I have tried every out put option and combo/poweramp is the best but still 4 blankets.  I was able to tweek a patch OK by using a post EQ but that just doesn't seem right to have to do something just seems set wrong but I just don't know what it could be. Direct the thing sounds fine,into a tube amp power section sounds pretty good and standalone the powerblock sounds fine also.


 I know there are a lot of people that have tried the powerblock-What do I need to do? Post EQ? or is there some other overall master brightness I am not finding. My input impedance is set to auto but all amps seem to have the same problem.

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Wow, sorry to hear of your maladies.

There is hope, it can be done. ;)


I've used the POD LIVE XT and now the HD500 with my power block many times and I've never had issues.


Like you, I also plug from the HD500 outs into the back (R & L) of the P/B and control the volume with my 'master' volume on the HD500.


My cabinet is a Peavey 4 - 12" with Celestions. It's not dull or too bright but just right.


I've downloaded many presets from CustomTone and although they may not sound great, they should give you a 'starting point' to tweak to your desire.


Also, I always keep both of my PODs output selected to "Output PA". At church I run into a PA via the left out XLR, at home (or gigs) into my P/B and into my audio interface for recording.

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:rolleyes: I'm pretty sure i figured out the problem. The cab I was running into is a 16ohm vintage 30. When I ran into a 8ohm cannibis rex it sounded way better. Normally with my amps a mismatch like that wouldn't produce such extreme results but that powerblock must be picky.

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