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Newish PODxt (kidney bean) Not connected and no drivers detected

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Hey Again!


You really need to beg, borrow or steal another PC (WinXp preferred) just to try it on. At least you can confirm that its not the OS you are fighting with. The XT's usb might be toast.


Just saying :)



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I updated my system to Mavericks (Mac OS) and there is now this message coming up when I go to install the drivers. Its an operating software issue. it reads as follows




The system extension "/System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBEthernetHost.kext"

was installed improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact

the product's vendor for an update.


Methinks that if I can repair this issue, I might be able to get my Mac to recognize the drivers when I install them. PLEASE HELP, I would love to start making youtube videos and lessons and songs, and I know that this piece of hardware will give me a great sound for that application!!!


I know this thread has gone on for quite some time but if we can figure this out I think it may be very helpful to others in the future as well.




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Hey Man!


Good to hear to haven't pulled the plug yet!


Were you ever able to try it on a PC with WinXP perferrably?


You could at least see if its a Mac thing or the unit itself.




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No I haven't been able to use it through any windows powered computers yet but I'm more than certain this is the issue, the computer just doesn't install the drivers correctly and its somewhat annoying. I stuck with it, making tones ETC... because I was fairly certain that it was not the Pod that was the issue.


I can see that the drivers aren't installed onto my computer. When I entered the Sudo commands at some point it said the drivers don't exist, basically telling me that the computer does install the driver file, it just doesn't run them.


IDK, are there any Macintosh gurus out there lol.

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I don't know if this will help. It was advice from Akai concerning compliant USB devices not showing up in OS X...I assume this would apply to any USB device, not just Akai products.




If your having trouble with class-compliant USB devices that are not recognized with OSX Mavericks/Yosemite, especially if it was working right before an OSX update, try the following: 

1) Open Audio/MIDI Setup (in the Applications>Utilities folder) 
2) From the top bar, select Window>Show MIDI Window 
3) A listing of all recognized MIDI devices will appear. 

4) Assuming your USB device is not listed here, click the Configuration drop down above and select New Configuration 

5) Name your new configuration 

6) Click OK and any connected but unlisted devices should reappear. 


This particular symptom seems a bit more likely with class-compliant devices, but this would also be good troubleshooting for FireWire and USB devices with or without required drivers. 

Hope this helps!

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