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Amplifi frozen after using footpedal

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Tried everything. The preset and Bluetooth lights are glowing weakly. No tone, no reaction, whatever I try.

Is there a trick to restart the whole thing (normal factory reset does not work)?

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Hello  balimusic.  I had same issue.  I have the amplifi 75 and the FVB MK II  pedal.  I don't really know much about what makes the whole thing tic....

but I have found a partial solution.   It seems to me that the amp gets confused if you are trying to use the pedal and the amplifi app on your ios device at the

same time.    I load the tones I want to use for my session then close the app.   Now the pedal works fine when I do that.

You might have to shut the amp down reconnect the pedal and start up again after loading your tones to the amp.  

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