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Great Gig Last Night

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Seems like user forums for gear are always filled with negative posts so...


Last night my acoustic duo played our first gig with our new Stagescape mixer. It worked great right out of the box. No problems or glitches. iPad control and multi-tracking worked flawlessly.


We had a few comments on how good the sound was and a sound engineer friend of mine is considering buying one after seeing (hearing?) the board in action.


Thanks Line 6!

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I have also posted a lot of positive....for the same reason. I am still amazed at the simplicity of the set up. Yet, it can also be done in as complicated of a manner that any pro audio engineer would like!


Last weekend, I did an outdoor show with three bands playing and an MC going all day. I had the full system going, with four monitor mixes, in less than an hour. Using pretty much only the presets as I didn't really know the bands that well...only how many members and instruments. Sound was great and lots complimented. Only complaint I had was not enough bottom. Would like another pair of LS3's. Lots of top just with 2 L3t's, but couldn't quite get the bottom I like, and subs had the yellow limit lot coming on regularly with the kick. So were pretty much at their max.


But lots of compliments, and even one from the MC, who is a radio DJ, about the spoken voice quality. And one of the bands has asked if I will do their sound for their future gigs.


The system is awesome, but still so unknown to so many.

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