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How to access new banks directly from The Amp? (urgent)

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Hi there,


I've updated my Amplifi 150 and now have all the banks.


I want to use only the Acoustic (Bank11) for a gig tomorrow, and don't want to use the Ipad.


How do I set these as the default 4 on my Amplifi amp.


Thanks in advance

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Follow these steps:

- Synch bluetooth and AMPLIFI amp via AMPLIFI app

- VIa the AMPLIFI app, find the Tone you want (Acoustic bank 11, in your case)

- Tap on the circled arrow at the end of the Tone name. The app will take you to the editor screen of the Tone you want.

- Tap on "Save Info", and Save.

--  Sometimes the Save isn't highlighted. If that's the case, put your cursor at the end of the name of the tone after Title*, backspace and delete the last letter to the name and then replace the letter you just deleted. This should now let you save the Tone.

-- Save to My Tones

-- Go back to My Tones, find the Tone you just saved, select it so it's highlighted with a red banner and then select Save to Hardware

-- Select ABC or D from Bank 1


This should do it.

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