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download new tones to Variax

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I'd like to download a ukulele tone to my JT Variax 69.  There aren't any so I thought I might try modifying a mandolin tone.  Maybe it's just me or maybe it's the lack of organization of the material on this site, or just possibly one can't download new tones to a JT Variax.  But if someone would let me know if it's possible and, if so, how it's done, I'd appreciate it.  


Also, I just looked at the software downloads and note that the Variax HD upgrade is not available.  Did they take it off the shelf because it's that bad?

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You can download other people's tones to your JTV, but there's no site like CustomTone to get different tones. As far as a ukulele, I suppose you could try modifying an acoustic. You can mute strings in Workbench, so you could set up a 4-string tuning equal to a uke.


As far as the HD update, I'm not sure where you're looking, but it's definitely still there. 2.10 is the latest version. I just did this screen cap a few mins ago.




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Found it.  I like the interface better.  I did work on a uke tone and it's horrible.  First try so no worries, but are there tutorials on using the software to tweak tones?


Thanks for your help.

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