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POD XT Pro / XT Live: cabbed and uncabbed outputs simultaneously?

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I just got a used POD XT Pro and I am looking to get a floorboard for it for live use. I was just curious if it was possible for the two outputs [XLR and PL] of the POD XT Pro can have separate cab/mic settings. I am asking this because given the gigging situation in the Philippines, it may be a good thing to have a cab-sim'd signal out to the PA board and a non-cabsim'd [but amp-modeled] out going to the house guitar amp's FX return. Using this system, I would route the non-cab'd sim to the PL outs, while the XLR outs would be cab-sim'd and be routed to the PA.


Is it possible on the POD XT Pro, or even the POD XT Live? If not, is this feature possible on the newer HD series? Thanks!

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I have the same question too. I have a prefect direct to PA signal including .A.I.R. cab simulation but the soundou of my 8008 marshall amp is very low. Even when the 8008 is on full volume.
When I try to put up the volume I use the CHANNEL VOLUME and the cabs sounded good, BUT when I use the CHANNEL VOLUME my signal direct tro PA is completely distorted.
What am I doing wrong?


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