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Patches for Pod HD500x into Mixer/PA vs. 4CM into Amp $$$


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I watched Lincoln Brewster play live. Just his HD500 into a mixer/PA. It sounds amazing:


He made his HD500 patches available but on the 500x it sounds like caca:


Does anybody have great/similar sounding patches made specifically to have your HD500x go straight into a mixer/PA? I'm looking for a nice clean, rhythm crunch and lead distortion patches but everything I've tried so far sounds horrible...


My second option was to plug my HD500x into my Carvin V3 half stack 100W tube amp. Use the Pod to do the Midi channel switching via 4CM, as I'd assign each patch to a channel at my amp (but I have no clue how to do that on the Pod).


I'd be willing to even pay someone to create 3 basic patches for me, so the effects are done properly before and after the pre-amp:


• A true bypass assigned to my Carvin's channel 3 with reverb, a little compression, and basic delay (on/off) option only for clean rhythm and picking.

• A reverb, sustain + delay quarter note tap tempo, 8th note tap tempo, and .8th tap tempo; that I'd assign to my crunch channel 2 for swells and ambient stuff. If you can't have 3 on/off delay here, then I'd move the .8th into clean channel 3 above.

• A reverb, compression + delay patch I'd assign to my (distortion) channel 1 for lead solo and hard rhythm + a pod amp modeler or overdrive pedal to add some distortion oomph


I've heard and seen people who've figured out a way to do it on YouTube. But they just play and don't share... It's very frustrating since Line6 manuals talk about everything except what we want done ha ha ha...

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My name is Chris.  I've been using Line 6 PODs for 5-6yrs.  


Its all about your personal guitar style and what kind of sounds you are looking to get.  Its all about also how you like to use analog pedals too.


I could share you some of my tones, but you really can't beat learning to tweak and find sounds you like yourself.  I like styles like Hillsong/Jesus Culture/SRV/John Mayer/U2 and the tones I have are based around those styles.


I run 3 main patches and from bank to bank just change the amp, thereby changing the style of the patch.  (1. Rhythm, 2. Worship (some ambience and long delays), 3. Volume swells).


I have a JHS Morning Glory which compresses and drives which goes before the POD HD500, -> Red Comp which are both always on then depending on the heaviness of the tone I want, I have a tube screamer and a classic distortion going into the front of an amp, then usually one delay out of 3 delays (sometimes stacking them, depending on how much delay the sound I want needs).  To turn any tone into a lead tone, I have a EX-1 which turns up the drive of the amp and I turn on all the drive pedals.


The only difference between my rhythm patch and my worship patch is I use a Cave Reverb and longer delays with more mix.  Then my Volume Swell patch uses a particle verb instead of a cave reverb.



Bottom line is, you really can't substitute time messing around with the POD to see what sounds you like.  I try and copy artists styles and try and adapt them to my own playing style.


I hope this has helped.  Any questions please ask and let me know if you'd like to see one of my patches.



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Hi Chris. Sure man, I'd love to check out your patches if possible.


Right now, believe it or not, out of frustration I decided to change the input setting to "studio/direct" and instead of messing with 4 cable methods and using my amp's pre amp I'm just going straight into my Carvin V3's input (clean channel).


The amp modeling patches I'm using actually sound pretty darn sick.


I'm doing the same as you essentially. For worship I'll be running a Lincoln Brewsterish clean with a bit of grit and I'm adding distortion and overdrive to fatten the sound via assigned FS1 & FS2.


I tweaked a swell patch which is working ok. A .8th U2ish sound (I just need to figure out why the tap tempo isn't working) and a clean patch with options to add overdrive.


What I have for now actually sounds really good, especially for just plugging right I to the front of my amp.


But again, I'd love to upload your tones and try tem out.


I really appreciate it brother.



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Hi Marcos,


Sorry for the delay in getting back to you with some patches to try.  Here are the 3 I most commonly use (Vox AC30 generic U2-style worship tone, one for Rhythm work, one for a heavy reverb, heavy delay (called my worship tone) and one for pads).


As I said, I just switch out the amp and in my different banks and turn on/off effects to achieve different tones in my different banks.  These have served me well, please let me know if you want any of my other banks.  I have done some 3 other banks of Fender amps, two others with Marshall amps).


Here they are for you:


Rhythm -


Worship -


Drone Patch -


Hope this helps, feel free to post me any comments.  If you feel they are worthy of any donation that you were offering, would be appreciated, if not don't worry.




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I worked very hard to come up with some patches, and had pretty good success. The sound guys at my church were pretty surprised, as the AxeFX has been the only direct-to-PA setup that has worked well. The feedback that I got was that it was just fine for rhythm, but had just a little bit missing for lead work. I have recently purchased a tube amp that I will be using the POD for effects and MIDI switching, but it is great to know that I have the full tones inside the POD should I have an amp problem on stage.


The biggest thing that I would suggest is to purchase some FRFR headphones, and make all of your patches dual-amp setup. This makes them sound much fuller. This guide has a TON of good info that really helped me get my tones. It is worth downloading and reading. Granted, I took some of his advice, and left behind other aspects, but it got me started in the right direction:


I will be happy to send you my patches, send me a PM. I haven't uploaded them to LINE6 yet, and it is a busy week.

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