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Jtv59 - Breaking Strings Too Often

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I am having a LOT of trouble breaking strings. They are always breaking at a very bad time. It is always the 3rd and 4th strings. All other strings have not had the issue. They break at the saddle. With the piezos there, how could I remedy this issue besides changing the strings more often?


Also, what would be the rcomended guage to use? I use 10's now and I am thinking of going to 9's.

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you should inspect the groove with a magnifying glass, if there is any sharp-edged damage. You can try to remove this by a sandpaper, but carefully you can injure the nickel-plating. If your guitar is under warranty you better contact your service center.

A friend had the same issue with an Epiphone LP-style guitar, the groove was to narrow, so strings broke always there. He had to send his guitar to service, 'cause couldn't repair it.

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If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, take the guitar to a TRUSTED guitar tech who can re-cut the notches in the string saddles.  You may have to raise the bridge slightly to compensate for the deeper grooves in the saddles after the re-cut.  But like moondancer said, it is likely sharp edges in the cuts on the saddles... or poor quality strings.  Or you're an animal when you bend ;) .


One last thought... I don't know if recutting the saddles is safe because I don't know if that will affect the piezo pickups in the saddles.  Make sure your guitar tech understands the Variax.

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