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HD500X Times Out While in Edit?


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So I just bought this thing and I'm trying to create my own presets in the in the Edit application running in Windows 7.


It works great, but for only a minute or two, and then the unit stops syncing and is locked on whatever sound I was currently at.  After that nothing responds.  If I turn pedals on or off, change pedals, change amps, the sound stays the same and I no longer see "syncing" on the device screen.


If I try to Receive anything I get an error message: Operation timed out, Code 8000000000a


When I unplug and plug the device back in it works again for only a minute then the same thing.


This is unacceptable.


Any ideas?  Did I just waste a lot of money?  Device is updated.




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I'll try it tomorrow when I'm off work. The cable is brand new, which came with the device. I have it plugged into the back ports. If it was a cable issue why would it work for a bit then stop? I'll try different ports buy it doesn't make sense.


I'll let you guys know tomorrow.

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I run the 500 edit program in administrative mode, right click on the icon and choose "run as administrator", you can also change the advanced properties of the program so it runs it like when you open it. Make sure your HD500 is the default sound card for Listening and Recording. Hope it helps with your problem.

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I have determined that it was indeed the usb ports.


It seems certain ports cut out occasionally and some don't work at all.


But I managed to find one and was able to edit and add a bunch of pedals to an entire brand new preset and saved it with no issues.


I'm super relieved....I guess it's time for a new motherboard.



Thanks everyone!

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