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Spider Iv And Outside Effects Boxes


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I had heard that the spider IV series does not play well with other effects pedals (no effects loop on the amp). Being the huge Lynch fan that I am, I didn't want to forsake some good Lynch tones I have because my spider IV 75w combo might not work with it well. Long story short, I put the amp in manual mode, clean red, eqs at 5, and plugged in a Zoom G2G Mr Scary box in front of it. And man, it sounded awesome!!! So much so that it almost made some the stock spider IV presets kinda sterile sounding. Blazed away for a while, turned the amp off, un hooked the Zoom pedal turned the amp back on and everything was fine. Just thought someone might find this helpful.


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I use my digitech GNX with my HD150 no issues.  Same as you Red Clean but high/mid/low all at 5.  Sounds great.  I then go into by pass mode on the GNX and use the line6 FX no need to unplug.  Worked great at our last show last week.

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I know this thread is old but it's one of the few conversations I can find on the subject.

I decided to go ahead and try some stomp boxes with my Spider HD150.

Got an EHX Canyon delay/looper and a Big Muff Pi Russian reissue.

I have to say I'm impressed with the sounds I'm getting. I've even been able to use some of the onboard effects along with them with no problem.

Using my expression pedal still does great as a volume control and the wah seems to have better response.

I don't know why some people are having trouble unless they aren't using manual mode or a clean patch.

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I too enjoy a shedload of distortion, problem is that when you really crank up the volume on my spider IV 75, the sound grows too tinny. Especially the built in presets. Seems to be a trait of digital modelling amps. I keep it down by selecting manual, drive completely off, Bass up. Trebel and middle back some. Then I use my various Zoom pedals without suffering trebel overload. You can also save this squeaky clean setting to a user preset. All the clean settings on the main dial aren't flat clean.


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