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noise problem with new ux2

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Sorry I am new to the line 6 forum so i don't know where to post for this problem I am having. I have a brand new pod studio ux2. Whenever I try to record or monitor, the tones just sound too terrible to play with because they are covered in static noise, especially when there is distortion. The more distortion, the more crackeling/static. It happens even when just monitoring directly from the pod farm.

I download preset's offline, but they sound way worse and full of static-y noise compared to the online previews of the tone.

For example, I downloaded this preset off of youtube:

On the youtube video, it sounds great and completely clear. But when i monitor the same exact tone on my pod farm, it is covered in static which makes it really not easy to listen to at all, and gives it a completely different feel than what it is supposed to sound like.

Please see the attached file to see what the downloaded tone displayed on that youtube video sounds like for me.


The guitar I use is a schecter blacjack, which is a pretty nice guitar model. I think mine in particular however has damaged pickups because it is really hard to hear the tone on most special amp effects, and is only really hearable on distorted or clean tones, but even the sound can fade depending on where I am playing. Also there is a couple buzzing problems with my strings so my guitar isn't in the best shape. However i don't really have the same static problem at all when I use that guitar on my spider iv 75 amp. It sound's a lot clearer. So that makes me more unsure on what is causing the static problem with the ux2/pod farm.

Does anyone know what could be causing all of that static noise when i use my ux2/pod farm?

Aside from my crappy playing, you can definintely hear the difference in actual quality when comparing my recording of the downloaded preset tone, to the youtube video preview of the actual tone.




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Your computer may be the culprit if your right in front of it as well as any other nearby things like lights, tv's and such. Also if your using a laptop try unplugging it to see if it goes away. Nice guitar dude, I love it and wish I had one of those bad boys. I find it hard to beleive those pick ups are a problem I own a few Schecter guitars and they are fine string sticks. Hope you get the static out, don't give up I have a toneport UX2 and still use it from time to time. Rock-On!!

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