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EHX B9 Organ Machine

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Using this with JTV-59 and is incredible. B and E string were a little loud so I used a variax tele and 

went into work bench and turned string volume down on E and B string. Organ volume sounds even

and nice. Also use the EHX Freeze Pedal to sustain chords to solo over. Anyone else use the B9. You 

plug guitar into it just like any other stomp box and it tracks great.


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It tracks multiple strings played simultaneously without a hexaphonic pickup? That's some trick.


I suspect it doesn't track at all, in the guitar synth sense. From the look and sound of it, it probably uses something similar to their POG technology to synthesize the extra harmonics (octaves, 5ths, etc.) based on the input without having to "know" what pitches it is at all.

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