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Which amp?


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I bought the FX-100. Have the POD HD 500 and the variax but I was convinced that this new concept could be an addition.


At home I can get a decent sound out of my computer monitor box (high-end).


I want to try it with an amp on stage. And here is my question:


some folks tried a frfr system and saying 'it is awesome'

other people use a tube amp (fx return) and are saying' it is awesome'


Before I'm going to buy an amp, what is the general opinion? Tube or FRFR....that is a huge difference!!!

And I want to try an emulated JCM800 osund like a.....JCM800




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I plugged into the input on my Blues Jr. (no fx loop) and it sounds really good. I did what some people here said and tried turing the mids all the way up and the treble and bass way down. Still, I'm curous about FRFR and thinking I may pick up a pair of KRK Rockit 6s. We'll see.

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Mine sounds great as FRFR through a powered 12" stage monitor, and the link output from the monitor also sounds great straight into the mains. Very simple to carry and set up. It also sounds great as a back line in stereo through my Mesa 2:50 rack mounted tube amp into two 12" Mesa ported cabs. When running into the traditional guitar rig, I use the main outs and bypass the cabinet models in the FX100; I'm just using the amp models and effects. The Mesa rig has to be cranked to get a modern hi-gain tone, but the FRFR rig using the right cab model can replicate a Dual Rec tone at just about any volume. A die hard tube purist might miss the thick saturation of a cranked 6L6GC power section, but the FRFR rig does a pretty darn good job synthesizing the harmonics. I've realized that a lot of that saturation gets lost in the band mix anyway, and I've had lots of recent compliments about how well my new lead tone cuts through. The FRFR is close enough that my playing style comes across equally with both rigs and I don't feel like I am missing anything when I practice or play live. Very convenient and great for controlling stage volume. Sound guys love it!

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I've played it thru the FX Loop on a Spider MKII HD100 and it sound great.

IT really warmed up the sound compared to my studio monitors.


Best would be to try them out, but also consider how else you might use it now and down the road.

An FRFR is great for modelers, but a nice tube amp could be great with out a modeler too!!

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Hi Guys,


Bought a Trace Elliot Supertramp 2x12

Very cheap second hand ($200). No tubes, solid state amp.

My fx-100 main out left and right to de returns left and right.

Very happy with the sound en very nice stereo (chorus, ping-pong delay and so on...)

No tried it yet in a band situation but the previous owner had some video's from his band with this amp. Very convincing that this thing will cut through.


At home it is a fine combination for me.


Tried it also with my pod-hd500. Have to adjust cos it sounded a lot less.... But the pod has a hd engine, the fx-100 has the engine of the pod-x3? Am I correct?

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Just received my FX100

Connected to Princeton Reverb RI (great amp) 


Plugged guitar straight in - for reference


Did the following experiment - 

Switched off everything I could - amp/compressor/gate - EVERYTHING !


And found that to get an identical sound to the guitar running direct - you simply have to push the level of the guitar/overall to the max - seems to give the unit a 1:1 ratio.


From there - I was able to start using the FX100 as a 'normal' FX unit - almost like an M13/M9 - and it works well (not great, like my analog main pedal board) - but very well. 


As the Princeton is such a great amp - I find that adding an amp sim is not as effective - but what I used is 'Tube Pre' from the Clean section of the amps - this was actually better for using things like OD/Fuzz as it added cab sim and seemed to handle the OD better.


Interesting unit all in all - I'm going to use it mainly when I'm too lazy to carry my main analog board - and this way I don't have to bend down constantly to edit the sounds. - this is the plan anyways - but over all - pleased :-)

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