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Okay l recently purchased a Behringer q802 with a Behringer xm8500. I  downloaded pod farm just to see if it works with the mixer.{Please note I have not purchase a pod farm license so it is running in trial mode}  So plugged  in the mixer and the program picked it and selected it as the hardware I was using  .

Then I plugged in my headphones into the slot on the mixer and I noticed that I could hear my voice but none of the effects I had selected had been applied. So I hit the button to phones/CTRL AM, and the effects had been applied and it sounded fantastic.

My issue is I can record sound though any software even audacity  but none of effects from pod farm are ever applied .So could anyone help me figure out what I am doing wrong ?  

Mind you I am extremely new to this type of thing so forgive me if this is a stupid question.

The audio mixer


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Make sure you have the ASIO drivers for your mixer installed.


Also, if you can't get it to work with POD Farm standalone, try using the POD Farm plug-in within your DAW (post processing).


That being said, POD Farm is meant to work with most (ASIO) USB Audio interfaces, with this being more of a mixer, not sure how it will behave with it.

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In your post, you may have moixed up some words, so it's unclear what you mean.


You found you CAN listen to the PodFarm output on your mixer by using the CRTL RM buttom - this basically lets you monitor the signal coming back (via USB) to your mixer form the computer.


When you attempt to record, are you selecting the Pod Farm output as your input device in your DAW?  SInce you do not have th efull version, you cannot use PodFarm as a plug-in (preferred method).

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