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Midi clock external control for delay times


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Hi All

Have been a long time user of line6 since pod 1 and still using it.Yes its running fine...L6 didnt carry the main model I use...95 mesa dual on so Im sort of stuck with it) but I Am thinking of changing my setup a little as I use Ableton live as a control hub (for midi guitar/looping etc). Have been sending the pod tone into live and then adding fx there. I want to be able to split the guitar section from the laptop and run standalone and then simply plug the hdx into the system using the spdif out when Im running the full setup.

My question is, has anyone set up the delay on a hdx to actually get its tempo/tap from external source? Can this be done. ie I want to set the tempo for tracks in live using tap temp footswitch (which I do currently) and have that tempo feed back to the hdx. Then when I use the hdx stand alone I want it to get its starting delay temp from the preset/and/or the tap tempo footswitch on the hdx.



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Wow, this one is driving me nuts...  I can not, for the life of me, get Abelton Live to send my HD500X the tempo...


- Ableton preferences > MIDI Sync > Port output to device > Sync = on

- I can control Ableton from the HD500X (starting/stopping loops etc)

- HD500X tempo sync set to Global

- All channels are set right

- Cables are plugged in right


I can't figure out what I'm missing or why it won't sync the tempo...

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