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The Binding Force of Existence


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Latest song I've just finished, using an HD500X, called Prime Vinculum.
Does anyone else who writes music find that it always takes longer than you think to get an acceptable finished version?

Appreciate any responses, good and bad. Hope you enjoy it.
Now off to re-record the bass parts of my other songs with my new awesome 1205E.

For anyone interested in a brief description of the concept of the song read on, else ignore at your pleasure:
The idea behind this song is the strong nuclear force. The force that holds the component parts of protons and neutrons together, as well as protons and neutrons themselves. Without this force nuclear fusion couldn't take place in stars. And without nuclear fusion, there would be no end of a star's life in an immense explosion, and thus no visible matter in the universe of seemingly endless variety. So this song is also about matter and the universe's way of organizing itself. And the most wonderful organization of matter that we know of is the human brain. It's the universe organizing matter in a way that allows itself to question itself. It's amazing that the universe can create something that's capable of creating its own virtual (or is it real), universe, As Carl Sagan said, "We are a way for the universe to know itself."

Unnecessary information follows, may or may not be of interest:
Short description of subtle/prominent effects used:

  • The first 30 seconds uses an auto-volume effect to change the guitar's attack to give it a very subtle backwards-record/clicky type feel/sound.
  • At 1:23 (and throughout parts of the rest of the song) I make heavy use of a pitch glide to give a sort of simulated feedback as well as in some cases an emphasis of blooming higher frequencies at the end of a notes life. I also use the pitch glide in the distorted backing track to achieve a nice simultaneous stereo separation/chorus (no double tracking going on).

Any other uses for these effects?

Main solo starts at 2:34 and is mostly melodic in nature with a flurry of notes towards the end. Then the song changes feel at 4:30 in preparation for the ending, which is upbeat and tries to be uplifting.

Everything you hear (except drums of course) is just an instrument through an HD500X only. No elaborate processing going on in the DAW. Only a multiband compressor, louderizer, and limiter on the master track. So this could be a good example of what the HD500X can do.

Anyway, I've attached all the patches I've made for this song to this post. The lead patch actually has two variations because there's a tempo change at 1:23 from 66 to 60. So the only thing different is the delay. The spacey clean patch and the distorted backing patch I think would work on an HD500, but the rest only work on an HD500X. Pickups are Dimarzio Evolution neck, single coil middle, and bridge. Lead parts are all bridge pickup except the first 30 seconds, which is neck. Bass pickups are Nordstrand Big Singles. The u799 in the bass patch filename indicates where the EQ (mid-switch, bass, mid, treble) on the bass was set when recorded.

Prime Vinculum HD500X

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Envious of your new bass. Nice!

Well I like your stuff Mike and what you have created is outstanding! Really Well Done!


You are far too modest with the work you have put into this one musically is stella in complexity mirroring the universe and the production is better than your letting on including your HD500X tones.


Give yourself a big pat on the back mate Very Well Done!

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Wow, times have changed. We use to write songs about girls, cars and drinking. But, now that I think about it, I guess we were singing about protons and neutrons all along. Especially with the size of the protons that I use to sing about........


With respect to your music, I enjoyed it very much. Your very talented.


I don't think times have changed too much, but I've gotten older and stopped that lifestyle, which it sounds like you're all too familiar with. One thing I try very hard not to lose is the sense of curiosity from when you're kid. I've always had that and have always been interested in the world around me. That's certainly part of what drives my music.


Glad you liked the song. Thank you.

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