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Wanted: Malmsteen Presets


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Build a patch from scratch instead it is way better than those custom tone you might find as they is NOT very good in most cases they have way to much dist well way to much of everything.


You need an Dunlop Cry Baby Wha & Boss Comp & DOD OD & Boss Octave pedal & Vox Vintage Flanger also a Korg Digital Delay as the Pod doesnt have all those units go for a unit that is close i.e the Korg Digital Delay can be any Digital Delay


The problem in creating a real Malmsteen patch and have it as a stomp on/off in any amp sim is where to find the Moog Taurus pedal he sometimes uses?

I dont know if any amp sim have emulated that unit yet.


Then as he uses two 50w plexi Marshall and Pod doesnt have the 50W you have to use the 100w instead use two units instead of one might help?

He also uses old cabinets loaded with vintage 30 Celestion

(i believe he switch to 75w nowadays or is he just marketing them?)


When creating the patch you cannot just copy the Amp and pedal settings you might find on internet and expect it to be spot on in most cases you must tweak it.


But generally he have the volume on full on the Amps and set the EQ and Presence somewhere around 12 o Clock and go from there.

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