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Horrible unusable tone with HD500x


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I've had my dt50 for a couple of months and so far I love all of its sounds and the "trueness" of each voicing. I bought this amp along with the HD500x in order to replace my whole live rig but up to now It seems I just threw my money to the wind. There is absolutely no amp sound when connected via the l6 link that is remotely usable or even acceptable. As of now I've tried using the "PRE" models, messing around with the setup in general and compared it to the dt50 by itself and the hd500x by itself.


I have to add that both standalone products are working fine. I've done everything the L6 link guide recommends to no avail. Reading through the forums I've read that supposedly you can get similar tones with the treadplate amp model as the 4th voicing in the dt50 but thats is absolutely laughable, at least in my case.


My cables are a high end planet waves guitar cable and a pretty expensive xlr cable for the l6 link. My pod hd500x has the latest firmware but I have not been able to update the amp's firmware. The hd500x Displays the connection properly and changing apps does affect the controls of the dt50 but in no case is the sound produced acceptable. 


Am I missing something? I will update the amp as soon as I can (though I find it hard to believe it would change anything) but I would like to know if there is something fundamental that I am missing.


thanks in advance!

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I too struggled to get tones from the HD500X connected to the DT to sound as good as the DT amp alone. I found that setting the mixer pans to centre and 0db can get me the same sounds with the Pre models, POD master volume is all the way up.


The Treadplate is topology 4 on the DT but seems to swich to Topology 3 on the POD, I leave set at 3 and get very good tones.


Another thing I found is that you need to tweak the channel volume and master volumes and get the amp quite loud with master past 3 or so to really let the tone out, the tones can have too much low end and sound a harsh at low volume.


I spend several weeks being quite frustrated but am now very happy.



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