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2 Output Modes At The Same Time. Is It Possible?


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Here is my question, if anybody knows the answer, thanks in advance.

When playing live i connect my guitar to the POD. Then, i´d like to send the signal routed twice:

- a: first one direct to the P.A. routed through the Balance output left, and choosing "Studio/Direct" Mode

- b: Second signal to my amp that i use as a stage monitor, routed through the Unbalanced output left, and choosing "Stack Power Amp" Mode, cause i only use it´s power amp section.

That´s it.
Is this possible with a POD HD500? :) or instead, i can only get to choose one output mode :(


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Hi mathius, what kind of amp you use as monitor?


first of all try studio/direct as Melissiah wrote, because sometimes it sound real good.

If it don't sounds good to you, you can use stereo channel.

Assign a full amp modell on channel 1 and route it to the FOH.

Assign a amp modell pre with "no cab" to channel 2 and route this to your amp.

Perhaps this will fit your need.

good luck ;)

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Thanks for your comments, Melissiah, Moondancer, Jws1982.


Ok, using a stereo channel as you wrote me, which output mode should i choose between Studio/direct or Stack power amp?


By the way, i´m using a 100w valve marshall stack as amp.

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One suggestion that you might have found on the old board (from Nick Mattocks) was to get a DI box with speaker simulation built in.


Something like this:


Then set the HD500 to be pre-amp only and let the DI Box add the speaker simulation for FOH.  It will also work direct from your AMP speaker out if you have a spare one (claims it can accept from instrument level up to a 3KW feed).


Not the orginal thread, but a later summary from Nick:

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