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Triggering POD XT Pro's Compressor and EQ via MIDI

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Hi! I recently got a used POD XT Pro and I am setting it up for live use. To do this, I got myself an FBV Shortboard MK I. I am looking to use the Compressor and EQ via footswitches, but clearly the Shortboard MK I doesn't support it [as far as I know].


Given this, I am now left to trigger them using CC #26 and CC #63 respectively. I would like to keep things simple, so I am looking at a simple 2-button MIDI footswitch that triggered either 0 or 127 [i.e. off and on] for each CC #. I was wondering if there is a MIDI footswitch that you could recommend for this purpose. 


I am not sure if this will help, but I also have an FBV 2 controller [the one with two switches for bank up/down]. I am curious if this could be configured to trigger the said CC numbers, as that will definitely help me save on costs. 


Thanks a lot guys!

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Hey there,


When checking out midi conrollers I had come across this page:


It might have what you were looking for. I settled on a Rocktron Midimate (sometimes use a ART X-15) so I never bought one from the above link. But it looks like they offer a 2-3 button one with whatever you require per request.


The usual 2 - button controllers I have are the Tech 21 Midi Mouse and the Rocktron Midi Exchange - both only step up or down (or jump depending on how its set).


Hope that helps!



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Yes, this was helpful! They emailed back saying that they can make the specific switches I need.


That said, I was browsing through the controls of the POD XT Pro and discovered that the Shortboard MK1's 'FX Loop Switch' could be assigned to trigger the comp. Now all I need to figure out is whether I can assign another button for the EQ.



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