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POD Studio GX - crackling sound


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Hello there,

I bought this machine about a year and a half ago, loved it ever since. Recently I upgraded my desktop with a new SSD to replace the older smaller one, but since that moment the GX hasn't been working properly. I've had it plugged in for a year and a half with the speakers plugged into the GX to play not only my recordings, but also normal sounds from Spotify etc. Worked perfectly, until the new SSD. It plays sounds etc, but every 5 seconds I hear a crackling noise. You of all people understand my frustrations.

I've downloaded all the GX drivers (I think, googled for Line6 GX driver and downloaded that), the Asio4all drivers and I've updated through Monkey as well. Completely updated Windows, too. Speakers work perfectly without the GX, but as soon as I want to plug them through the GX it starts crackling. Do I need to change any settings I don't know about?

Please help me, I'm desperate...

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Line6 has nothing to do with ASIO4ALL.  I would uninstall and use it only as a last resort.

Please make sure you have the most recent version of Monkey which can be download directly from this site under Support>>Downloads.

Run the newest version of Monkey and make sure you have green ticks for everything.

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If your playing your guitar with the pickups facing your computer screen expect some RF related noise to be injected into your sound. Also be aware RF comes from many other sources as well, such as cell phones (is it in your pocket?), TV's (are you in front of one?), cable modems, home phones VOIP and many others.


The guitar in essence is an antenna, in fact years ago ham radio operators used a single wire to recieve and send signals between stations of course the wire had to be the correct OHM value so the length and the gauge of the wire was very important to obtain the proper standing wave ratio. What goes IN must come OUT thus the balance. If your balance was off it usually meant burning out the finals of your radio.


Check out this link as it shows the very basics of wire antennas About single wire antennas

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