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Too much noise with passive pickups on HD 500x


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I have just received my new hd500x and I really like its possibilited but I am very dissapointed with the noise. 


When using guitars with active pickups (EMG) everything runs smooth and sounds pretty decent, but when I swith to passive pickups (I have several guitars, so the guitar is not the problem) I get a very high noise coming from the outputs.


I have tried restoring the unit, adding a noise gate fx, and tweaking as many params as possible, but I want to use the same preset that I use with my active pickups, but it is impossible.


Am I doing something wrong?


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single or humbuckers??

things that can introduce noise (Active filter some of it out) your monitor/tv, florescent lights, big appliances like a refrigerator...

I don't have active pickups but neither my humbuckers nor my bullet strat have a lot of noise... but then I learned to keep away from my tv/monitor and not to use CFL bulbs in the room I am playing in...

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I have an american fender with single's and some ibanez's with humbuckers, and it happens on all of them.


I have tried different rooms and several pluggin options, and sometimes it get better but not enough, comparing my other gear or even guitar rig.

Thanks for the suggestions... any other thing that I can try?



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Does the noise go away when you unplug the guitar?

Does the noise go away when you turn the volume all the way down on the guitar?

Does the noise go away when the HD is disconnected from a computer?

Select your 2 inputs as Guitar/Variax. The default is Guitar/Same which adds noise.

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I get the noise too but I pivot in my swivel chair  and find the spot the noise goes quiet. It is an exact location, move either side a fraction and noise is inducted.


The stacked high gain stages are a real noise fest. Same goes for Amp Sims in my recording softare and even in my high gain amps here. Less gain helps with the squeal and also better for recording.  

Changing the input of channel 2  can  makes a difference. also line level out into an amp while louder can be a mismatch prone to noise.


There is an old recording trick to quieten noisy guitars and that is to earth it to your body.

A conductor wrist band and flexible wire connected to the earth of your guitar is standard practice.


For now get an old E or A guitar string. On the thin end make a loop that can tighten on your guitar jack-earth and the other ball end tuck into your sock and shoe so in contact with your foot. The inducted noise will be gone.

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The noise fades out when lowering the volume of the guitar or the hd unit. It goes away completely when disconnecting the input cable.


It is noise from the guitar, this is for sure, it is only that it is getting really much more noise than gr-55, guitar rig and other equipment I have.



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I know you said you used the gate but I am willing to bet, based on what you describe, if you place the basic "dynamic noise gate" at the beginning of your chain with the settings at


Decay= 0%

Thresh= start at 25% and slide up till the noise goes away.


I am not intending to be insulting in any way; I have no idea what level of knowledge you have with this product.


Hope you get it sorted out soon.

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