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Stuck Neutrik RJ45 plug

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Hi Chaps,


Just thought I may be able to help someone.

Had the above problem yesterday and today disassembled the connector.

Behind the three pinned plastic claw there was no "c" shaped retainer even though I laid my guitar on a light towel so as to spot it easily when it dropped out!  The plastic Ethernet clips these days seem to be pre-broken off so as not to cause the plug to stick in the Variax socket - woundrous technological manufacturing innovation.


The plug was still stuck fast!!


I then depressed the button (thin piece of tin can!) fully and pulled the unthreaded part of the casing with my thin nose pliers.  Still no joy, BUT, with a little wiggle of the plug body up towards the jack socket - BINGO!


I then did what I should have done in the first place; picked up a rubber dishwasher glove for better grip and practised the same manoeuvre by hand.  Thinking about it, I had the same problem with another cable when updating the firmware two years ago but then a firm tug sorted it.


Just bought a second hand Vetta combo.  The sockets and release buttons on there are a lot more solid thank goodness.  just praying now for a lack of electronic problems which will brick my new acquisition.  Out with the midi cables later to enter some decent patches for my covers.


Happy playing,



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