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I've Searched, But Can't Find Where The Meaning Of Different Colors Of Led Lights Mean.

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I have a new JVT-69, and just updated to the latest firmware (1.9) -- and when the process was finished, the LED on my Model Selector knob was glowing green.


Unplugging the guitar from the VDI cable and plugging it back in changed the LED to white.


So, does anyone have a list of what the different LED colors/flashes indicate? I've read the manual a couple of times, and see where it changes depending on if you're doing the virtual capo thing, but nothing about a green indicator.

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White on the model selector means you've entered model mode (as opposed to magnetic pickup mode).  Green (I thought it was blue) on the model selector means you have also pressed the alternate tuning knob so that you can select an alternate tuning as well.

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Well, thorneven, while the LED of the Tunings knob does glow blue when you've changed a tuning ("virtual capo") on that setting, that's not the green LED on the Model Select knob/switch that I saw.


I did notice that when I unplugged and replugged the guitar's VDI cable that the magnetic pickups then stayed on the whole time, even when I was playing a modeled guitar. Only by reinstalling the 1.7 firmware and then updating to 1.9 solved THAT issue. (Stepping back to 1.8x didn't solve that problem.)


So, as far as LED colors, we know:

  • Steady WHITE = Model Select (Audition) Mode
  • Flashing WHITE = Customization Mode
  • BLUE (on tuning wheel) = Saved alt tuning selected
  • Flashing RED = Reset Mode
  • GREEN = ???
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I've just had the same thing! Only got my variax yesterday and when I upgraded to 1.90 it went green. I think maybe I wiped the original models and only added the update. Maybe green is telling us that the variax is empty. When I tried playing it was as if it was stick on one pickup no matter what one I selected. I'm now reinstalling 1.70 like you did and seeing if that works. I'm now a bit wary of how to install the 1.9 upgrade though,

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I am not 100% sure about the green light, but I recently saw it for the first time immediately after a problematic update.  I hadn't noticed it after earlier successful updates. So that's three of us that saw it in the context of an update. I'm guessing it indicates that the update process is finished but perhaps not entirely successfully - the guitar either needs a power recycle or a reinstall.

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After re-installing 1.70, I then upgraded to 1.90 and I'm back fully functional!


The guitar was a bit low on power the first time so yeah the green light is defo telling us something went wrong with the installation.


Be nice if they told us that in the advanced manual though............oh wait a minute......there isn't one!!

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