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App Enhancement Suggestion

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Hi all,


I was just thinking about how the Ipad App for the M20D could get somewhat better. What about if the Ipad App could accept something like midi program changes on the Ipad or an Audiobus Signal, so, that when you have a setlist app for all your songs and you go and flip to the next the M20 automatically changes the scene to the corresponded song. Without having to sort all the scenes on the M20.


Would love to see something like this. Just imagine: You flip the lyrics on your set list app, the M20D changes the scene and all your lights switch to the right mood.. all your devices are set up by just one click or tap :)

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Yes, that's what I say.
Either a midi input for calling a scene directly with pedal (for instance from 3 to 28 and then 14) or like you say with the iPad.
Step forward with a simple pedal is quite unrealistic because you have to have a fixed setlist.


A further suggestion: A display for the current called scene is needed, expecially because I noticed, the pedal switch is not save.

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