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Spyder iii - amplifier probelm

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Hi - i have a Spyder three that I haven't used in a while, and i'm having an issue. When i plug in my acoustic, it doesn't have any sound through the amplifier.


Not sure if this matters, but i had lost my cables so i went out and bought a mono cable. This worked with the electric guitar, but not with the acoustic. When i dismantled the acoustic, i found that it actually has a stereo output, not mono. 


I confirmed that the acoustic guitar has output, and if i use a stereo cable converter to 1/8" to plug into the "mp3 in" line, it works; however, if i plug into the instrument 1/4" plug, it doesn't work. As noted above, i confirmed by plugging in the electric guitar to the 1/4" input that the amp worked.


What am i missing here?

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A 'stereo' acoustic jack is unusual - you must have a dual-source pickup/mic system?  These typically require a preamp that can control the 'blend' of the 2 sources, then put out a mono output to go to the amp.


Dtar Solstice is an example of one preamp.

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