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M9 parametric EQ question


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I am using an M9 with my electric violin. I need to reduce the frequencies around 3.5kHz to get rid of the hornet in a can sound. What is the best way to do this with the M9?


There is a parametric EQ, but I don't understand what the controls do and what the correct setting would be just to notch down 3.5kHz. Anyone know? 


Thank you.

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Parametric EQ adjusts a range of frequencies around a center freq.  The range of freq's is the "Q", it can be narrow or wide.  The POD unfortunately uses percentages instead of freq's, not sure about the M9.  


Anyways, set the FREQ to the center of the range you want to adjust.  3.5K=90%.  Use the Q to set the width of the range you want to adjust and use the LOWS, HIGHS to boost or cut on either side of the center freq.


Hope that helps!

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