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POD 2.0 problem

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My POD 2.0 just started doing a weird thing the other day.  I was playing around with it, as usual, then I left to get a drink, and when I came back the screen was repeatedly flashing "POD" then "2.0", and there was no output.  So, I turned it off, and then back on.  Same thing.  Turn it off and on again, and it doesn't come on at all.  Turn it off and on again, and the screen is extremely dim.  Turn it off and on again, and all characters light up "888", and still no sound.  Now, that's what I get anytime it is turned on.


It is using the correct power supply.


Any idea what is causing this, or how to fix it?

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I haven't tried a different power supply yet, as I don't have one that does 9VAC.  I tested the original power supply with my multi meter, and it was reading 10.34VAC.  I'll see if I can source a new power supply before I scrap it.  Thanks for the suggestion.

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Tried a brand new power supply, but without any luck.  I'm pretty sure it's toast.  While I had it turned on, I started to smell something that smelled like my soldering iron when it's very hot.  Turns out the DSP chip (circled in the up close pic) was getting SUPER hot.  So, I highly doubt this is a fixable issue, or at least not worth fixing :(


Oh well, time to search for a new one I guess.




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