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JTV69 new color?

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Hello everyone,


I was just watching as many JTV69 videos as I could and I am sold and ready to order. 

The only thing is I did not find a model that looks like the one Sean is playing in this video (visible around 5:50). 

It looks like a black/darkblue body and a white pickguard with white pickup caps.

Can anyone tell me if that is a custom model, color correction in the video or a switched pickguard maybe? 



Is there a way to order a white pickguard for a JTV as a spare part?


Thanks, best regards



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Definitely looks like a navy blue to me. Sean's model is a beta/prototype, I believe, so it was probably a color that never made it into production.


As far as the pickguard, you can get  JTV-69 pickguards at Full Compass, but they only have black for the 69. They have white for the 69S, though.

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I am not aware of any other blue other than the Lake Placid Blue but that one does seem darker.  Could be the lighting... 


However, Google search does turn up a few hits for a US JTV in Blue Pearl over Black.  It is not on the Line 6 web site so perhaps it was a discontinued color?

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Thanks for your replies guys.


It was confusing since in some videos Sean was clearly using the Lake Placid Blue Model.  


You mean this pickguard right?


Too bad there is no parchment version, otherwise I’d probably go for a black JTV but with a white pickguard. 


Does anyone know if the single coil caps on the PUs are glued or could they be replaced?



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Yes, it is a Beta.


No, it's mostly the lighting.

It is slightly darker, but not by much, not as dark as it looks in the video.

It's a standard Lake Placid Blue,... from an early run.


Just got done servicing it a week ago, or so.


It does play real nice.

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