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downloadable tones

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I have just bought a pocket pod ,thinking it would be nice to download some custom tones i did so,after downloading the vyzex editor,that i presume is the free software mentioned on the box that came with the device,i say presume, as like all else to do with this pocket pod there are no instructons,so i have downloaded the vyzex editor & some custom tones but how i would get the tones on to the pod to actually use them is a complete mystery,what a downer,can anybody help ,as it is obviously beyond the capability or inclination of line 6 to give an explanation. thanks,ps. topic tags ,i wonder what they are


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Hey Flattop,


You just need the manual for it :) Offhand it may be located under the "Help" or Manuals tab  (IIRC they are installed with the editor) but in case its not I found a copy online here:


UgH! - let me try pasting the link again!


www.mule.co.kr/mule_data/2011/7/22/Vyzex Pocket POD Pilot's Guide.pdf


edit: my link-fu is weak so copy the text of the link and pop it in your browser. Sorry 'bout that!


Once you get the hang of it its pretty straight forward.


Hope that helps!


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