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Sonic Port VX - Windows 7 VST - Guitar Input records very quiet


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So, I've had the Sonic Port VX for about a day, and am pretty happy recording using the built in mic's and guitar inputs (using mobile  pod app / garage band) on my on my IOS device. 


However, I also want to use  it as an audio recording  device connected to my Windows 7  laptop with Cubase using its VST driver.

This works a treat with the mono and stereo mics – which allow level adjustment using  the mic gain control on the sonic port VX


But the guitar input records at a very low level – the mic gain control doesn’t seem to affect the guitar input (I suppose is to be expected, it is called  â€˜mic’ gain after all). 


It’s possible to boost the recorded signal using Cubase SW after it’s recorded but this will introduce  noise – and isn’t really a substitute for capturing at reasonable level – kind of defeats the purpose of having 24-bit recording.


Anyone else seeing anything similar?


Am I missing something? 


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