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HD500X Switching channels to channel A by itself

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I've recently bought an HD500X. I played a gig the other night on a stage with a fair bit of vibration and the HD500x kept on switching from whatever channel I was on, back to channel A without any input from me. It's the first time there's been an issue with this at all. As I always set channel A as my clean rhythm sound, this was problematic, especially during solos! I've flashed the memory but I'm thinking it may be something to do with the sensitivity of the actual buttons themselves. To recreate the problem, all I need to do is tap the metal casing of the unit and it will flick over to Channel A. 


Anyone else had a similar problem? 





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G'day Mark,  Let me tell you there are a lot of us with the same problem, not necessarily to patch A... but the same thing.  Yes it does appear to be the switches causing the issues looking at a lot of the posts.  One guy Pascal in the forums, had half of the buttons on his unit replaced because of this fault.  Another in onto his third replacement unit and now has this problem on that unit.  Mine is under three months old and is unusable.

I have been into three other threads on here with the same symptoms, and there are a myriad of other linked problems, which will materialise in time, all related.  

For example you try to switch to a different patch, or kick in a basic stomp effect over the top, and it will revert back to the patch (in your case  and mine the clean rhythm patch).  So for example on a lead part I was activating the Harmony preset to give me a 5th harmony above my solo pitch, (Twin guitar lead from one guitar) and instead of the harmony kicking in, I also get thrown back to a lower volume clean rhythm patch.  

The switches get to the stage where they will not lock in or release, so you try to activate the tuner for example, and it simply will not stay on, or trying to use the expression pedal for volume, wah or whammy makes it go back to the clean patch.

I put a short 20 second video up on facebook.com/kenmcmahonsx where it did this over and over.  I also put it onto Line 6 facebook page, but whether they left it there I can't say.
Bill above is on a few of those threads as he has linked you into, so you can see you are not alone, there are many of us, and really I think Line 6 needs to do a product recall and just replace all the switches since it is clearly a batch of nasty switches that have been used.

Line 6 can't leave professional musicians looking like gooses because their products are not working as they are designed to do.  That sort of thing will come back to bite them in forums, reviews, even general conversation between musicians at venues, and it will harm the company's reputation and therefore sales in the long run.

Strangely they have remained silent in each of these threads so far, so that is a worry, as they either do not care, or are burying their heads in the sand hoping it will just go away.  It won't!

Lodge a ticket to get the problem escalated so they know the issue is happening again, and hopefully you get more help from them than I have.

Even link in these various forum threads so they can see "Hey this is ridiculous, lots of us are out in the cold with the same problem."  It is unacceptable and needs to be addressed quickly.

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Thanks for that. The more I read, the more I've been focusing on the physical footswitches themselves. I've noticed that buttons A and B don't 'click' like the others and just tapping my finger firmly anywhere on the body of the unit is enough to trigger the unit to switch to channel A. Sounds like there are a bunch of defective footswitches out there! 

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Hi, i made this video teaching how to fix this footswitches pod HD500x problem.




The switches broken the internal conector, so need to replace them, to avoid this happen again just remove a black pin under other footswitches, so will the spring will do less force to click the switches.


Im from Brazil and sorry my bad english.

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