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painful sound from Chorus


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I´m trying to get the full stereo capabilities from pod hd 500 and therefore want to use a chorus at the end of my chain.

Unfortunately I high notes sound terrebly painful. Without chorus the sound is good.


My effect chain is


TubeComp, Graphic EQ, BF Lux nrm, Stereo Delay, Plate Reverb.

Treble is not boosted anywhere


I can place my chorus at the very beginning, sounds ok, but no stereo of course.

If I use it after the tube comp, it sound like treble is boosted at maximum.


Any Ideas? Is my devce broken?


Thanks for any advice

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One of my problems with the chorus pedal is that it also gives about a 4db boost. That may be part of why the high notes sound too loud. You could try the Trichorus. Dial it back and you may get a decent sound.

I wish they had modeled the TCElectronic analog chorus - the green one. That thing blows away the boss chorus.

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One trick I do is to put the chorus in one of the paths, let's say A, after the amp and start with the chorus mix at 100% so the B path is still pure amp . Keep A & B at the same levels and pan them hard left and right in the mixer. Then tweak away. Start with the chorus mix. That way you still have the pure amp sound all the time no matter what the mix is. And the stereo effect of it seems more pronounced. Technically this is what is supposed to be happening internally in the effect but I often like the way this sounds better.

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Thanks a lot,

I´ll try all your advices this weekend if I cannot make it today....


Good to know, that the chorus is giving a 4dB boost....

I tried the TriChorus too with the same issues, so there is propably the same boost.

Now it seems like finding the best comprimise... If I dial the chorus back, I loose more

of the stereo feeling.


But Ok, I´ll just try all your advices and post tthe best solution from my opinion,

just for your interest.


Again thanks alot

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