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Controlling hidden parameters on DT50 trough Line6 Link via POD HD500 DONE!

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Hello guys! Today I received my brand new DT50 and I faced the problem in this topic: http://line6.com/supportarchivenew/thread/91155

Now I have the "Dream Rig" and I found,that changing the hidden parameters on DT50 are very useful,but unfortunately there was no possibility to control and save this settings in your POD HD! I searched the web,but without success,so I came with a solution! The great thing is that except audio and digital data the Line 6 Link also carry midi messages! :-) 


All you need to do is:

1. Downloaded and install the free DT Edit software (just to see exactly what you're doing) : https://code.google.com/p/dtedit/

2. Connect your DT amp with two MIDI cables to your midi interface (sound card or else)

3. Connect your DT amp to your POD HD via Line 6 Link at the same time.

Now you can use "POD HD500 Edit" or do it on your unit directly it doesn't matter...

1. Load the amp you want.

2. Go to ''Controllers'' in "POD HD500 Edit" 

Now depending on which preset you are in (A,B,C,D) navigate to the corresponding FS! ( A=FS5, B=FS6, C=FS7, D=FS8 )

Set ''MESSAGE" = CC Toggle ; "MIDI" = 01 ; "CC" = 74 ( This is the CC value for the 12AX7 Boost function) and than set the ''VALUE'' = 127 (means boost ON ;  000=boost OFF )

Now the only problem is that you can assign only one parameter per FS,so you have to assign the other two on one of the other FS (FS1,FS2,FS3 or FS4)


That's it! Now always when you press FS (A,B,C,D) you'll get the settings you've just saved! 


Here are the Control Changes for the other hidden parameters:


Capacitor Type X/Y  CC = 79   -  0-63=Capacitor X, 64-127=Capacitor Y
Phase Inverter B+ Voltage Low/High       CC= 78     -    0-63=Low B+, 64-127=High B+
Here is the link with the rest of the controls: http://line6.com/media/dt50/DT50_MIDI_CC_Reference_v2_0_RevA_English.pdf
It'll be great if the guys from Line 6 make this much easier by updating their software and FW on HD series and allow as to do this procedures simply with one click in "POD HD500 Edit" software or directly on our units and NO more ''Hidden'' things :-) !
I hope that's helpful! Cheers! :-)


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