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My own DSP Presets

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From page 2-16 in the manual:


1. In the Stage View, select the Stage Icon whose preset you wish to replace.


2. Select a preset category using the Category menu located in the top-right of the dialog.


3. Select a preset from the preset list in the right side of the dialog.


Decide if you want the Global FX settings for the new preset to be used. If so, enable Include Master FX.


4. Tap Load Selected.


That being said, there is a list of all DSP presets by category (available here), but I haven't found a better list that says which preset type each preset uses. (See Appendix C for the available DSP processing chains.)


So you'll have to keep trying different presets till you find the DSP chain you want. To do this:


1. Take a good guess at which preset will have the DSP chain you want. I'm assuming most drum and some vocal presets have a gate.


2. Load a preset.


3. Go into Tweak mode. The DSP processing blocks will be listed at the left. If you want to change presets, tap the folder icon at the top to get the Load Preset dialog to try another.

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I have a keyboard player that uses a Hammond Leslie cabinet that I mic up; a gate on that works decently as long as he's not sitting right next to the drummer :P.   I also have an old Juno 106 that has a soft click that a gate could mute while I'm not playing it.

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Right!.  Sounds like a great idea.  I have a Motion Sound amp with internal mics on the leslie.  It picks up a little bit of background noise too. Very little but it would be easy to gate it out too.  I might just steal that idea.


It doesn't cut off any of the intended attack dirtiness of the Hammond?  Either the contact click or if any of the percussion switches are down?

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I have it set really sensitive, so once the full band is playing I don't care about the gate too much. So by the time he starts playing the gate is usually open.  I also have a long release on it so if the attack does get cut off a bit, it's only the first note. But with the venues I usually play (small bars, small-med theaters), the Leslie itself is loud enough to get the attack in the room already; any micing I do is to fill the holes in the sound for the room.

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