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Audio lag when connecting pod 2.0 to computer via microphone/line in

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hello, when i connect my POD 2.0 to my computer via the line in/mic i get audio lag.

i have a soundblaster recon 3d. Tried the right/left output and also the headphone jack

and still get lag. i tried disabling the THX Studio Pro effects but still have the same problem.

Is there some setting ive missed with the recon 3d,?, i using direct air mode on the pod

so i dont think its a problem with the pod because having plugged headphones straight into

the headphone jack i dont get any lag at all. im just using a standard 3.5mm cable with adapter

to plug into computer. Do i need a better soundcard? i have no clue why this is happening because

you dont normally get lag from these kind of amp modeling/fx processors like the pod 2.0

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i was thinking this problem is because the soundblaster recon3d doesnt have ASIO support, could that be it? if so, whats

an inexpensive soundcard i can get?, i had a look at the soundblaster Z (has asio support)

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Are you recording or just jamming?


Soundcards like Soundblaster are really not geared towards recording.


An entry level offering from Line6 would be the POD Studio GX.

But then you might just want to use the POD Studio's sounds at that point.


If your not recording, a cheap solution would be to connect your pc speakers directly to the POD instead of adding the computer to the signal chain.

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