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StageScape md20 and Samsung Wi-Fi adaptor feedback issue

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I've used the Samsung WIS12ABGNX Wi-Fi USB adaptor with my StageScape md20 on two occasions now and experienced piercing feedback through the front of house mix.


On both occasions setting up and sound checking have been fine, then during performance - without me making any adjustments - i get the feedback. 


The mixer has been fine for the past few months, its only with the introduction of the Wi-Fi dongle this issue has started. 


1. ) Can a dongle be the cause of the feedback on an md20?


2.) Has anyone else had this problem?


3.) Should I change any settings?


4.) Should I change the brand of Wi-Fi dongle?







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Feedback is always an audio issue. The wifi dongle just enables remote control via WiFi. If a feedback ocurred during a show without adjustments it was a feedback loop between a microphone and a speaker. Sometimes very little movements of microphones or even people in front of microphones can cause a feedback if the microphone was already very "hot"

First you have to make sure that it was really a feedback in the PA system (it could have been a guitar amp, a broken keyboard...)

If it was you want to find out which channel it was by very carefully (earplugs, nobody in the room) turn up the level of the mains and monitors and muting channels one by one until the source is identified. Then activate feedback suppression on that channel, turn down the gain a bit if possible, try different mic positions)

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