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For a few months now I'm having this problem with my setup.

I have the Tannoy Reveal 402 monitors connected to the UX2 via unbalanced PL connection.


For the first few weeks I had the monitors, they worked great. Then, everytime I turned them on, the soundcard stopped working and crashed (no orange lights) and when I turned the monitors back off, the UX2 worked again.


I replaced one of the monitors for new Tannoy Reveal 402, and the same problem occured. Then I sent it for a fix and they did find something, but the problem still occurs. I emailed Tannoy about this problem and this was their response:


Thank you for your enquiry, however, this does not sound like an issue with the monitors, it sounds like it may be an issue with the sound card.

The Reveal monitors do not have the ability to send any GPIO information back to the source so there is no part of the monitor's hardware that could command the sound card to shut down.

If you have returned the monitors to the point of purchase to have them replaced then this would also rule out a fault. I would have to recommend contacting Line 6 for their take on the situation.

Best Regards


What do you guys think can be the problem? The UX2 can be on for hours but when I turn the monitors he crashes.

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Theres an unbalanced input and balanced in my monitors. I use the unbalanced one. Doesn't really matter...

My problem appears on and off and I tend to think its my PC but cant point to anything really.

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