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Macbook Air not seeing HD500 as a MIDI device using USB


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I have been using my HD500 through USB with my old Macbook Pro to control patch changes via MIDI for a couple of years now and it has worked great. I use Digital Performer for my DAW. I recently purchased a new Macbook Air running OSX Mavericks ver. 10.9.4 and the new Macbook doesn't recognise the HD500 as a MIDI devise in Audio MIDI Setup. I have the latest driver 7.3.6, from Line6 installed. The HD500 has all the latest updated software thru Monkey.


The Macbook Air does recognize the HD500 as an audio devise and I can get sound to and from the HD500. They say that the driver makes it so you can use MIDI over the USB connection.


Is there something I'm missing in the setup?

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Does this mean I CANNOT use the POD HD500 to input a MIDI signal for note capture in music notation software (Notation for iPad or MuseScore for Mac) using either a USB to USB cable or a MIDI to USB adapter?


I have been trying to find a definitive answer on this, but I cannot.  It appears that, as Gear Head mentions, there are no MIDI signals, at least not those I need, being sent from the USB output of the POD.  I have not been able to test the MIDI to USB option yet.  Thanks.

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Correct HD500 is Not a Guitar to MIDI converter.


You need a Fishman Tripleplay or Boss GP-10 or GR-55 and a GK-3 hex PU if you want to trigger a VSTi /AU Synth to play chords.


If your computer is fast enough there is Jam Origin MIDI GUITAR application that might work with HD-500

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