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Ux2 Mic, And Pod Farm Problem?

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I would like help regarding an issue with my setup.


I bought a Pod UX2 because I thought it was a great investment. I love the guitar recordings I can get out of pod farm and even bought metal shop because I love it so much. Ive become more professional lately and have wanted to get a better mic, which is where my issue is. I would like to get a Shure SM7B mic, however it requires more gain (I believe around 55 or 60 from what ive heard). and the UX2 doesn't appear to have that much. I think the ux2 has 20 and then 25 more with the phantom power? I might be wrong, id love someone to correct me on this.


anyway my questions are.


1. Is there a way to get a shure sm7b mic to get preamped enough to record solid vocals with the ux2?


2. If I cant get the gain. I will need a new interface. But I would still like to use pod farm. can I buy a licence so I can use my pod farm and metal shop? or do I really have to buy them all over again.


I would love help on this as I very much love line 6 products. but I need the required gain to record more than just guitar.





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you won't have to buy metal shop again... but the pod farm license itself is owned by the UX2, and you'd need to get that.

don't know about the gain internally but you might just look into something like an ART MP mic/tube pre-amp... 25-40$ gizmos that some people swear by.

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Thank you so much! The art MP actually looks perfect!


but one other question.


how much is it to buy the licence so that I can use pod farm without the ux2? im just curious and I cant seem to find the information anywhere! although its probably my own ignorance!


Thank You!

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