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send a f.o.h mix to outside speakers at club

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You can't route the main mix to an aux (monitor) output.


The solution suggested by eklynx will work, because as you adjust each channel the linked aux send will follow. But any change to the main fader won't change the overall output level of the aux; you'll have to do that separately.




There are tricks you can do with external patches; I've done things like this in the past. For example, split the main LR outs with Y-cables. Run those to your FOH amplifier and also to two spare Line input channels. Route those channels only to the aux you want, UNlinked. Do not route them to the mains at all otherwise you'll a have feedback loop. (This is a little tricky because you have to guarantee you never raise the fader on those channels.) Set the appropriate aux-send level in those channels.


Now when you adjust the main mix (and its level), you get a corresponding level change in the aux output.

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what i ended up doing to not utilize a aux send was I made up a 1/4 to xlr male cable and used the headphone jack on the m20d mixer to feed a mono left signal of the main mix to the house P.A mixer so they could broadcast the band to the outside speakers. worked well and gave me the ability to use all 4 monitor mixs for monitors.

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